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Many medical practitioners, clinics, and other medical facilities have been outsourcing their medical billing to third-party companies like StarMed Billing Services Inc.. This might seem needless, but in some medical fields, there can be little time to handle medical billing in-house. Even with the most state-of-the-art in-house medical billing software, there is still so much information and data to account for.

At StarMed Billing Services Inc. we have offered our third-party medical billing services to facilities and practitioners all over the Los Angeles CA area and beyond. Our experience is vast, but it seems that our expertise has been most needed in the world of addiction treatment, mental health, and substance abuse facilities. In these fields, it is very important to receive appropriate compensation for all services rendered.

We offer end-to-end billing services that are second to none in the industry. Your revenue cycle and administrative back-end will be handled as carefully as every one of your patients. With a third-party company like StarMed Billing Services Inc., you will never have to sacrifice the quality of patient care.

Mental Health Billing and Medical Billing in Los Angeles CA

Filing insurance claims for mental health benefits can be very frustrating. Pre-authorizations require in-depth knowledge that the person at the helm of your facility’s billing department might not have. An inexperienced staffer relying on cheap medical invoicing software might not know how to budget effectively and how to appropriately process claims, and if so, they certainly will not know how to manage your growth. They may also forget about what is most important, which is the health of your patients.

Do you want accurate billing? Complete reimbursements? Full access to all accounts at any time? StarMed Billing Services Inc. can provide this and more. Unlike other third-party companies, we are more than just service providers. We are your partners in the medical field. The administrative aspects of medicine are necessary to master, and if not overseen by professionals they can lead to a decline in quality patient care.

What separates StarMed Billing Services Inc. from other third-party medical billing companies is the previous experience of our staff. At the core of StarMed Billing Services Inc. is a group of people with years of experience in the fields of addiction treatment.

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Should You Outsource Your Medical Billing?

Many practices are not sure if they should outsource their billing. If you find your facility dealing with any of these problems, perhaps it is time to give StarMed Billing Services Inc. a call.

Have you been noticing your collections dropping while the time to collect increases? Your billing department might be going about things the wrong way. If you want to see fewer rejected claims and shorter wait times from payers, give StarMed Billing Services Inc. a call.

Has your billing department been infected with high-turnover syndrome? This can be damaging to any department. Having a high-turnover rate means that there is never a consistent approach to the workflow and claims can take longer to process. New staff might be familiar with in-network benefits, but not out-of-network benefits. StarMed Billing Services Inc. can help you receive the highest reimbursement every time.

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