Medical Billing in Philadelphia

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Third Party Medical Billing for Behavioral Health Facilities

We started our careers in other parts of the healthcare industry. It was there that we saw just how essential substance abuse centers and rehabs were and just how little help they get.

When you’re looking to outsource your medical billing to a third-party company, it helps if they’re a little familiar with your facility’s focus. While our expertise is vast, we’ve tried to focus our energies towards the world of addiction treatment, mental health centers, and substance abuse facilities. When we’re handling your billing, you’ll have one less thing to worry about!

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Maximize Reimbursements of Your Client’s Medical Insurance Claims!

Our staff is trained to make sure your physicians and facilities receive the highest possible reimbursements from HMOs and all other medical insurance providers.

We pledge to:

  • Electronically Process and Forward All Medical Claims to Insurers
  • Lower Your Overhead Costs
  • Improve Overall Cash Flow
  • Pursue All Aged Accounts
  • Provide Remote 24/7 Access to Receivables
  • Practice Total HIPAA Compliancy
  • …and more!

Save Time by Outsourcing Your Medical Billing

When you don’t have to hire office staff to handle medical billing or worry about it yourself, your team will save hundreds of hours every month. And in this line of work, time is money. Not only will you save money on staffing, but our team will make sure every claim is error-free.

Reduce Wait Times Between Insurance Reimbursements with Our Billing Services

When you work with us, your number of reimbursements to collect will drop significantly. You’ll find you have fewer files to worry about, and a clearer picture of your facility’s financial status. When your financial situation is clear and well-ordered, it is much easier to communicate with governmental and non-governmental funding bodies, charitable organizations, and your board of directors.

Let Us Worry About Bill Management

When we are your third-party billing service, your staff has more time to focus on what is truly important: your clients. When your counselors, physicians, and administrative team are already working in a field known for overworking staff, having less to worry about can make all the difference.

We don’t just provide this service for the paycheck. If we were in it for the money, we’d broaden our focus. We work with rehabilitation clinics because we believe they provide an essential service. We want those employed in your field to have the time and energy to care for every patient that comes your way.

End-To-End Billing Services by Professionals Who Understand the Industry

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